Many happy mothers love Judy's services and approach...

"Judy was amazing at helping our family when our son lost a bit too much weight in his first few weeks. I needed to stop breastfeeding temporarily and bottle feed him my expressed milk until he gained weight and had the energy to breast feed again. I was quite upset and emotional about the whole ordeal but Judy was very reassuring everything would be OK.
I felt like I was failing my son and was feeling pressure to put him on formula to gain weight when I really wanted to keep breastfeeding. Judy helped me navigate the ins and outs of expressing milk, timings to feed him for optimal weight gain and also provided ongoing advice when we were ready to breastfeed again. It wasn’t an easy road but my supply was good, he began gaining weight and was becoming more alert and less lethargic.
Learning to breast feed again was difficult but after further guidance and visits from Judy we got there at 2 and half months. We now have a happy thriving boy who I breast feed during the day and bottle feed expressed milk at night. This has allowed both myself and my husband to be actively involved in his feeding. We love it. I highly recommend Judy to anyone that needs support in this area."

- Melissa, Mum to Hudson


“Judy was a life saver!  She came to my home when I came home from hospital when I was experiencing issues with breastfeeding. She taught me with correct latching and positioning which helped relieve the pain I was experiencing. She was calm, patient, and caring. Judy had a manner that made me feel comfortable and confident with what I was doing with my new bub. I can’t recommended her enough to help with any breastfeeding issues”

- Kylie, Mum to Isabella


"As a first time mum of a premature baby, I wasn’t sure if I was correctly breast feeding my son.

I’d been given lots of conflicting advice from friends and family, creating masses of confusion and stress.

After consulting with Judy, my confidence is back, and no more stress. Judy came to my home and listened to my concerns, and offered great suggestions, on not only breast feeding but other child care questions.

Calling Judy and making that appointment was a great move, I would highly recommend Judy to any new mum (or parents) that need a calm warm and caring person to help with breast feeding issues."

- Kat, Mum to Nicholas


“When we brought our baby boy home from hospital, things became pretty chaotic at our house. We had a little boy with a seemingly insatiable appetite. He fed constantly and I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding with pain, cracked nipples, bleeding – the lot!

Judy helped me with my attachment when feeding and supported me emotionally in what was a really tough time. I was getting very little sleep and felt totally overwhelmed for weeks.

Eventually the feeding became easy and our little boy started to sleep for longer. It was hell at first but we got there. I couldn’t have done it without Judy’s wonderful warmth, support and help. Put simply, she was a life saver!!!”

- Sophie, Mum to Orson


“I am a first time mum to a beautiful daughter Jorja and I did not anticipate how difficult breastfeeding can be. I had difficulties with latching and very sore nipples whilst in hospital and was somewhat frustrated with conflicting advice from midwives.

The best thing I did for my daughter and myself was to call Judy who provided me with advice, support and the opportunity to practice techniques for latching.

Judy visited me in my home at a time that suited us, in a place that was most comfortable. I treasured the advice she gave me on all things baby and it was great to have one consistent person to discuss the issues that arise in the early days of being a new mum.

Whilst Judy is a strong advocate for breastfeeding, I found her to be balanced and supportive in exploring all options for a happy mum and happy bub. I am now successfully breastfeeding without any difficulties despite a rocky start. I know for sure that without Judy’s support I would have stopped breastfeeding in the early weeks and consequently would have been very disappointed.

I am pretty proud of myself for achieving success with breastfeeding, but even more pleased that I made the call to Judy.

Judy also offered advice on general baby care and my hubby and I always felt comfortable asking her questions.

I would highly recommend Judy to anyone needing support with being a mum.”

- Sheree, Mum to Jorja


"Judy – thank you so very much for your care, support, advice and encouragement. I have no doubt that without it we would not be breastfeeding so successfully (and possibly not at all). It has been the most worthwhile and rewarding task that I have ever taken on. Thank you!"

- Belinda, New Mum


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